The Scoop: Tarte Cosmetics Under Fire for their Shape Tape Foundation


Tarte Cosmetics is under fire for their Tarte Shape Foundation due to the lack of diversity in the shade range.    Tarte is accused of being non-inclusive when it comes to providing an acceptable range of shades for people of color.  Most of the shades released by Tarte are in the “Light” and Medium” categories which has left many of their supporters feeling disappointed, frustrated, and downright angry.

Some of the Beauty Influencers who voiced their displeasure with the brand over the foundation controversy are below:

Alissa Ashley

  • Hydrating Review: None of the shades would match standalone due to the orange shading.  She assessed that there was decent coverage once the shades were mixed
  • Matte: Still a bit orange even when mixed.
  • In a Note posted during the video, Alissa blasts Tarte for “ignoring people on the disappointment of the foundation range”.  The note also states that Tarte has “turned off commenting on the foundation post which is NOT okay”.
  • As per Miss Ashley, “The shade range is so limited for people of color, people with melanin.

Jackie Aina w/ Special Guest Alissa Ashley

  • Overall thought:  Extremely disappointed by the shade range as there are only 3 colors available for women of color.
  • Jackie states, “I just don’t appreciate the blatant erasure of a whole spectrum of people.  It doesn’t even look like they tried.”  She also said, “They don’t do anything that makes people feel included.”
  • Both Alissa and Jackie agreed that Tarte did the bare minimum in foundation shades for black/brown women.

So what are your thoughts beauty lovers?  Does Tarte’s lack of inclusion turn you off from the brand?


  1. Inclusion is important. Inclusion welcomes you as a customer. I wouldn’t buy 2 of this product just to have to swirl together because you were too lazy to actually formulate my complexion. I do know that is more difficult to create deeper skin tones, but in this day in age, that’s no excuse.

    I don’t get the big hoopla though; if a brand doesn’t want you as a customer, sobeit. Don’t spend your money with them. Don’t buy any product they manufacture.

    There are so many brands on the market that do it and do it well. I understand the fight but I don’t always think it’s necessary. Because even after they make skin tones for everybody, are you reeeeeally going to feel comfortable supporting them knowing deep down inside they never wanted you as a customer anyway?

    Dom |

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